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You’ll get up to 133 MINUTES to call anyone around the world ABSOLUTELY FREE and learn a whole new way to stay in touch.

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Save time and money with the simplest Canadian long-distance ever that works with any phone, plan or operator, offers the same low rate day or night, no strings, catches or fine print.

Thanks to our disruptive technology now you can make long distance calls by simply texting us ! No apps to download, no registration, no passwords to remember, no logins or data connection required! Just text easy to remember phone number (647) 800-0000 - and we'll connect you to any phone number anywhere in the world and give you up to 133 minutes to talk for free.

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  • What is ttag?

    ttag is a disruptive long-distance service that makes every international call local. For over four years ttag has helped Canadians to connect with friends, family and business partners anywhere in the world with convenience and at a fraction of the typical cost.

  • Why are you giving away free credit?

    ttag is so disruptive and convenient to use that we’ve been giving away toonies to Canadians since we launched. Don't just take our word for it. Get your free toonie and call someone you miss. And then let us know when you fall in love with it.

  • How much talktime do I get for $2.00?

    Calling rates vary by destination. Check our rates to find out the exact calling rate to your destination country or phone number. Remember that you will get up to 133 minutes to call anyone for free when you get started with ttag.

  • Are there any contracts, commitments or hidden fees?

    With ttag there are no contracts, hidden fees or commitments. It’s all prepaid and you are in total control. Add talk-time to your account when you want and how you want. We'll even give you free credit to try our services.

  • Can I call more than one person?

    Want to call your Dad? Uncle? BFF? Just text the name of the person you want to reach (e.g., “Call Dad”) to (647) 800-0000 and get a new ttag number for that person. Save it to your phone and dial it anytime you want to reach them.

  • Can I use this service from a landline?

    Absolutely! You can use any phone to call your local numbers. Once you make your first call, login at www.ttag.ca with your phone number and passcode we sent. Go to My Numbers and add your landline or any other numbers you are calling from.

  • What is (647) 800-0000?

    (647) 800-0000 is our new disruptive technology that allows you to make international calls by simply texting. You'll no longer need to download an app or register online to make an international call. Just send a text message and we'll connect you right away.

  • How does it work?

    It works just like your prepaid coffee card, but buys you long distance minutes to anywhere around the world instead of coffee. When you text us first, we add free $2.00 credit so you can try us out. When you use your balance your call's won't go through until you reload.

  • Will I be billed?

    Nope. You’re in total control. Just like with your favourite coffee card: if your balance is $0.00 you can't buy coffee. Reload your ttag account and start calling your loved ones again. We also offer convenient autoreload option should you choose. It’s that easy.

  • How can I add talktime to my account?

    Simply login to your account and top-up with major credit cards, Visa debit or PayPal. Choose to reload your account manually or use our convenient auto-reload feature. The choice is yours. And the best part – your credit will never expire.

  • Do I need an internet connection to make a call?

    No. Your ttag number is a regular phone number in your area – just like the one you use to call your doctor or order a pizza. This means you can call it from wherever you are, be it on the bus, at school, or in the office without data connection.

  • Can I share my credit with others?

    Sure! Simply login at www.ttag.ca and add phone numbers you will be calling from to My Numbers section. Now your family members, friends or colleagues will be able to use your account balance and ttags to make international calls too.

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  • The easiest way to call international from Canada
  • The best international calling at wholesale rates.
  • Carrier grade voice quality to any country.
  • Have it your way. No contracts. No Committments!
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee or your money back!
  • The fastest phoneless customer service in the industry.

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