TTAG Systems is a Canadian software development company specializing in telecommunications. We integrate the best in modern web and telecom technologies to deliver innovative telecommunication services to Canadians. Our communication solutions make life easier, so our customers can focus on what they like most.

The highest caliber professionals have joined forces to create an unmatchable team of experts. With combined experience of 45+ years, each is a veteran in the industry, bringing years of knowledge and expertise. Network design pioneer, product development specialist, and mathematics mastermind are among the titles held by these pros. Their unique blend of knowledge and skills offers TTAG the talent needed to provide premium solutions to its customers in every area of the telecommunications field.

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Canada is a country of immigrants. Hundreds of thousands of people are coming to Canada every year to make a new life. Most have had to leave family and friends behind and need to communicate with loved ones back home. We saw that making international calls from Canada is either:

  • Easy but expensive ??“ dialling international numbers directly from your mobile or land-line phone. It is the most convenient way to call but also the most expensive.
  • Cheap but complex ??“ dialing access numbers and PIN codes on top of the international calling codes. It's also low quality, often with hidden fees or other catches.
  • Relatively easy, but limited ??“ requiring modern smartphones and data connection, needing to install mobile apps. It doesn't work on older phones or land lines, and relies on a good internet connection to make a quality call.

We challenged ourselves to find a solution that can be easy, affordable and widely available, some sort of golden middle ground of all three. So, using the concept of call forwarding as the basis of our technology we created the concept of ttagTM, short for Telephone Tag.

The system we created allowed customers to tag all their international phone numbers and replace them with simple 10-digit phone numbers in their local area code so that the call is local and free for them. When customer dial their ttag the call is forwarded to our network, where we take the call and send it where it's going. Because dialing a ttag is exactly like calling any local phone number (e.g. calling your doctor or pizza delivery) it doesn't need any internet connection or apps and works from any phone, new or old. There is also no need to change your current provider or cancel anything with anyone.

While ttag worked, we had quite a challenge explaining customers how it worked. In the first days, we found ourselves spending up to 30 minutes face-to-face with customers, showing and explaining how it works, before the customer finally understood how it works. It's hard to understand because it looks like magic doesn't seem possible. But once they got it, they instantly fell in love with the product.

We realized it would be hard to spend 30 minutes face-to-face explaining every customer how ttag works. Therefore, we thought to create a unique try-before-you-buy process, where customer can try the service and make a call even without signing up, and then decided if ttag is for them.

We believe that every business has to be fair and honest to its customers. We believe in full disclosure of information in a clear and legible format. For this reason, we've dismissed all fine print on our website to clearly show all information related to the services we provide. Our members can rest assured that they will always see exactly how much they've spent and they'll never find a catch in the services we offer.

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