ttagTM is the most convenient form of long-distance calling on the market. No apps, complicated long-distance dialling codes, no access codes, no PIN numbers or software required to make calls. Call anyone in the world directly just like dialling your next-door neighbour from any type of phone.

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Lowest Rates. Guaranteed.

ttagTM is not cheap. ttagTM is fair. We deliver highest quality international and long-distance calling at amazing rates and superb voice quality. This is possible thanks to you, because we buy at wholesale rates and deliver it to you directly. Ask any ttag customer about their experiences and the value they are getting with ttag.


What you see is what you get. With all the hidden fees and catches of calling cards the face value never seems to match the number of minutes you get. With the big companies you only see how much you're charged for a call when you get your bill at the end of the month. With ttag you can see up-to-the-minute rates, balances and call history at any time just by logging into your account or texting us.

Easy. Like Ordering Pizza.

It's so easy even your grandmother can use it. We transformed long-distance calling and made it as easy as dialling your neighbourhood pizzeria, so you can call halfway around the world in half the time and effort.

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Rewards like nowhere else

We love our customers and that's why our loyalty program is the best of its sort! We award you bonus credits for every minute of conversation you have using ttag, friends you've referred or recharges you made.

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