Create a ttag

Give us your international phone number and we'll give you a ttagTM. ttagTM is a regular phone number in your city and connects you with any phone number anywhere around the world. Make as many ttags as you like from your browser, by text or via our mobile app (coming soon). It's free!


Dial it!

Dial your ttagTM and we'll connect your call to your destination. It's as easy as calling your neighbourhood pizzeria. Dial your ttagsTM from any phone - mobile or landline and with our lowest calling rates rest assured you won't break the bank as well.


Save it!

Save ttagTM to your address book and dial it whenever you feel you have something to say. We work 24 x 7 x 365 to deliver crystal clear voice quality so that every time you call, they'll think you are back home.

Convenience. ttagTM is the most convenient form of long-distance calling on the market. No complicated long-distance dialling codes, no access codes, no PIN numbers, no special apps or software required. Call anyone in the world just like dialling your next-door neighbour. Works with smartphones and touchtone phones too.

No contracts. We only want happy customers. We want you to stay with us because you love our product, not because we sweet-talked you into signing a contract. Free trials, no commitments, pay as you go, full transparency, and lots of bonuses... where else would you go.

Transparency. What you see is what you get. With all the hidden fees and catches of calling cards the face value never seems to match the number of minutes you get. With the big companies you only see how much you're charged for a call when you get your bill at the end of the month. With ttag you can see up-to-the-minute rates, balances and call history at any time just by logging into your account.

Lowest Rates, Guaranteed. ttag TM is not cheap. ttagTM is fair. We deliver highest quality international and long-distance calling at very low rates. This is possible, because we buy at wholesale rates and deliver it to you directly. Ask any ttag customer about their experience with ttag.

Versatility. Use your ttags with any phone you regularly use. If you're away from your home phones you can still use the ttag network with an access number. You can even share your ttags with family members to make calling among your loved ones as easy as possible.

Bonus Rewards. We love our customers and that's why our loyalty program is the best of its sort! We award you bonus credits for every minute of conversation you have using ttag, friends you've referred or recharges you made.

Easy. It's so easy even your grandmother can use it. We transformed long-distance calling and made it as easy as dialling your neighbourhood pizzeria, so you can call halfway around the world in half the time.

We're Canadian! We??™re proudly Canadian company built on honesty and trust. We take pride in an openness and accessibility that overseas companies simply don??™t provide. Your privacy and your trust are a priority in everything we do.

ttag big family

We are big family

Here at ttagTM, we are one big family! A family of customers and ttag team that together changed the way Canada makes international calls. We wake up every morning with one goal - make sure you get the best in call quality and connectivity. We know how to do it and we know how to put a smile in your voice.

ttag big family

Fineprints eliminated

We believe in honest service and straightforward pricing. That??™s why we got rid of all the fine prints surrounding our service! Here at ttag, $1.00 = 100¢ and 1 minute = 60 seconds, so there are no surprises. Ask your friends who are already using ttag, or try it yourself. With a free toonie in every account you can start saving today.

ttag big family

Bargaining power

Thanks to you, we are able to provide the lowest calling rates around the world! The bigger our ttagTM family is, the more bargaining power we have, which means the lower our rates can be. By joining ttagTM, not only are you saving on your international phone calls, but you are also helping your family and friends save more, too!

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