What is (647) 800-0000 and how it works?

(647) 800-0000 is our new disruptive technology that allows you to make international calls by simply texting. You’ll no longer need to download an app or register online to make an international call.  Just send a text message and we’ll connect you right away.

It works just like your regular coffee card, but buys you long distance minutes to anywhere around the world instead of coffee. When you text us first, we add free $2.00 credit so you can try us out. When you use your balance your call’s won’t go through until you reload. As simple as that.

Example: Let’s say you want to call your Mom who lives in Mexico City. Her international phone number is +52 55 58658 1800. Simply text “Call Mom” to (647) 800-0000. Our interactive system will ask for your mom’s phone number and text you back a ttag. Dial it and you will be connected to your Mom in Mexico. Please note that standard text messaging rates apply when sending text messages to (647) 800-0000.

To call another phone number, simply text the new international number: e.g. +37410658965 and dial the new ttag number we send.

To call your Mom in Mexico, simply text "Call Mom" to (647) 800-0000

To call your Mom in Mexico, simply text “Call Mom” to (647) 800-0000

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