What is (647) 800-0000 and how it works?

(647) 800-0000 is our new disruptive technology that allows you to make international calls by simply texting. You’ll no longer need to download an app or register online to make an international call.  Just send a text message and we’ll connect you right away. More

Will I be charged for texting (647) 800-0000?

(647) 800-0000 is a regular Toronto area phone number and texting it is no different from texting any other phone number in Canada. You’ll generally use your free text messages bundled within your wireless plan to exchange messages with (647) 800-0000.

Are there any contracts, commitments or hidden fees?

Absolutely not. It’s all prepaid and you are in total control. It works just like your regular coffee card, but buys you long distance minutes instead of coffee. When your balance is depleted, your calls simply will not go through. Add talk-time to your account when you want and how you want. We’ll even give you free credit to try our services.

How much talktime do I get for $2.00?

Calling rates vary by destination. Check our rates page to find out the exact calling rate to your destination country or phone number. Remember that you will get up to 133 minutes to call anyone for free when you get started with ttag.

How do I check my account balance?

To check your account balance simply text B to (647) 800-0000. We’ll get back to you with your account balance. You can also check your balance online by logging in with your phone number and password. More

How do I refill my account?

Simply login to your account at www.ttag.ca and top-up with major credit cards, Visa debit or PayPal. Choose to reload your account manually or use our convenient auto-reload feature. The choice is yours. And the best part – your credit will never expireLearn more about recharging your account.

Can I call more than one person?

Want to call your Dad? Uncle? BFF? It’s easy! Simply text the phone number and the name of the person you want to reach (e.g., “+37410180644*Jane”) to (647) 800-0000 and get a new ttag number for that person. Save it to your phone and dial it anytime you want to reach them. More

Can I use this service from a landline?

Absolutely! You can also share your account with family members, friends or colleagues and let them use your account balance and ttags to make calls. Login to your account at www.ttag.ca with your phone number and password we sent. Go to My Numbers Tab and add your landline or any other numbers you will be calling from. More

Do I need an internet connection to make a call?

No. Your ttag number is a regular phone number in your area – just like the one you use to call your doctor or order a pizza. This means you can make phone calls from wherever you are, be it on the bus, at school, or in the office without data connection. More