Can I share my credit with others?

Sure! Simply login at and add phone  numbers you will be calling from to My Numbers section. Now your family members, friends or colleagues will be able to use your account balance and ttags to make international calls too. More

How to call Beijing from Canada

Here’s what you can do if you need to call Beijing from Canada. By simply using your mobile phone or landline, or buy a calling card or find an online long distance service provider. Whichever you choose, dialing the proper international number avoids extra charges. It’s easy to dial the wrong international number, but it can also be costly! Check out some options when calling Beijing from Canada or the United States:


What’s the difference between pay-as-you-go and monthly plan billing?

Imagine of your account balance and monthly plan as two buckets in your account. When you sign up for an account your monthly plan bucket is empty and your account balance bucket has $2.00 credit. Recharge your account to fill your bucket just like your favorite coffee card. Make calls and your account balance bucket gets reduced. More

Interac Online is now live!

TTag customers now can recharge their accounts directly from their bank using Interac Online. This payment method is especially convenient for those customers who don’t have or don’t want to use credit cards online, or don’t want to run to the nearest convenience to buy calling cards by cash. To learn more about how Interac Online works with your TTag account, please click here. More

New EZ-Tag service number

Dear Customers,

Please be advised that the new EZ-Tag service number is (514) 700-0090. Please update your phonebooks!

TTag Video Tutorial Launched

We are happy to announce that we have launched TTag Video Channel on Youtube where we feature a number of short video tutorials that will answer your questions in a more efficient manner. As we continuously add more videos to our channel, make sure you subscribe to stay tuned! View video tutorials

What’s TTag?

TTags have the ability to connect any two numbers in the world through the TTag network. TTags look just like local numbers but give you access to immense long-distance savings.

What if I don’t have a TTag ready?

Even if you do not have a TTag ready and need to make an international phone call, you can easily create a TTag on the go using our EZ-Tag SMS Service or just dial the Local Access Number from one of the registered phone numbers. More

What does a TTag do?

First, TTag determines the local area your phone is registered in and then decides what TTags (local phone numbers) shall we give you so that the calls from your phone number to TTag are considered to be free local calls. More

The TTag network

TTag is a long distance reseller that buys minutes in bulk. The minutes are purchased from the internationally competitive wholesale market and the minutes are brought to the retail consumer for a lesser rate than any single network could accomplish. There are 100+ suppliers but TTag brings it all to you with one seamless service. Consider TTag the top tier in a network of many networks.

Getting onto the TTag network

Getting into the TTag Network is easy. With TTag, you do not worry about using a complicated calling card access number and pin number. There is no need to dial 011 either. Our system allows you to simply dial the TTag for the person you want to call. The TTag network is really as simple as dialing 1-2-3.

I still don’t understand how TTags work

OK, that’s perfectly fine. TTag is a little bit complex to understand at the beginning, but once you get an idea how it works, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is. Let’s look at it from a different angle. More

Easier than long-distance or calling cards

TTags are the simplest way to make an international call. You do not need to remember access numbers, PIN numbers, country codes, or area codes.  TTags are as easy to remember and to dial as any number in your city. There are no contracts, no bills or statements, no spending limits, and everything is transparent and real-time.

Easy to share

TTags are the easiest way for a family to stay in touch. Only the account holder needs access to a computer. For family members in the same city, just add their phone number to your home numbers list and they can use the same TTags as you. For family members in other cities, you can create TTags for their city by changing “Your City” on the TTag page. You can also refer your friends to TTag and get a referral bonus when they start using the service.

More convenient than VoIP

TTags allow you to call from any land line or mobile phone to any other number. You do not have to be at your computer, and you do not need any extra hardware or software. There is also no need to rely on an erratic Internet connection.