What is EZ-Tag?

EZ-Tag is our interactive text messaging tool that allows you to manage your account with text messages. You text to EZ-Tag number and it responds you back instantly. There are many things you can do with EZ-Tag such as check your account balance, make a new ttag, refer a friend, etc.  To see how EZ- Tag  works text B  to (514) 700-0090 from any mobile phone registered in your My Numbers. Please save EZ-Tag number (514) 700-0090 to your mobile phone book for fast access.

What can I do with EZ-Tag?

EZ-Tag allows you to check your account balance, make new ttags on the go and refer friends. Brand Ambassadors can also recharge accounts using EZ-Tag. More

How do I check my account balance with EZ-Tag?

To check your current balance, text B to (514) 700-0090 from any mobile phone registered in “My Numbers“. See how

How do I make a new ttag with EZ-Tag?

To make a new ttag text phone number * name to (514) 700-0090. See how

Important: Please do not forget to include +1 in front ot the 10 digit local number (for example:+19175555555*Bob), when making ttags for phone numbers in USA/Canada.

How do I refer a friend with EZ-Tag?

To refer a friend text your friend’s details as follows New * phone # * email #. See how