How do I purchase a plan?

To purchase a plan go to My Plans tab in your account dashboard, select your plan, package and phone numbers. We’ve designed a pretty intuitive system, so that buying a plan is very easy. More

How do I cancel my plan?

To cancel a plan go to My Plans tab in your account and click Enabled link in the Autorenew column next to the plan you want to cancel. This will disable plan autorenewal starting next billing cycle. Your plan will remain active until the last day of the month, so you can still use your remaining plan minutes. More

How do I call if I am on a plan?

Monthly plan doesn’t change the way you make calls. Simply dial your ttag and your call will be connected as usual. Your account balance will remain intact and only your plan minutes will be reduced accordingly. More

Do my plan minutes expire?

Yes. If you are on a plan, your unused plan minutes will expire on the last day of the month and can’t be carried forward. If you have switched on the Autorenewal option, on the first day of every month you will receive a new batch of free plan minutes.

Can I share my plan with other phone numbers?

No. Monthly plans are for individual use only and are linked to a specific phone number you are calling from (your phone number). If you have more than one phone number in your account you may buy a plan separately for your second phone. If you don’t want to buy a plan for your second phone, you will still be able to make calls as usual using your account balance.

What happens to my phone numbers not on a plan?

Phone numbers in your My Numbers that are not on a plan continue making calls as usual, using your Pay-as-you-go account balance.

I have a plan, can I call to destinations not included in my plan?

Yes. You need to have account balance to make calls to destinations not included in your plan.

I’ve used all my plan minutes, can I still make calls?

When you use all your plan minutes, you can still call if you have account balance. Your calls will be charged to your account balance at our regular pay-as-you-go rates. When your account balance reaches $0.00 your calls will not go through until you recharge. More

Can I use my plan minutes to call any phone number?

Absolutely. You can call any phone number in any of the destination countries included in your plan. For example, if you are on My North America plan, you can call any mobile or landline phone number in USA or Canada.

Can I see how many plan minutes do I have?

Yes, at anytime. Login to your dashboard and click My Plans tab. Minutes remaining in your plan can be seen under the minutes column. More