How do I check calling and text messaging rates?

To check calling rates go to rates page and start typing destination country name or destination phone number (including country code). Calling and text messaging rates will appear automatically. More

Are there any other charges on top of the call rate?

Absolutely not. You only pay per minute rate to your destination. You also collect Talktime bonus credit on every call you make.

How much does it cost?

Pennies a minute! Amount of minutes you can talk to your destination number with available credit is shown next to your ttag number in your account under the talktime column. To check calling rates to another destination number, simply create a new ttag or go to our rate checking engine. More

Will the call rate change anytime?

As everywhere in the industry, because of reasons not under our control, our rates are subject to change without notification. However, we always try to provide advance notification to our customers where possible and if such increases are significant, so that you are not caught off-guard.