What type of rewards do I get?

Our reward program offers different types of bonus credits for our loyal customers. More

How do I use my bonus?

You collected bonus points can be redeemed for calling credit in $10 increments. To use your Bonus points, login to your account and click “Redeem” under the Bonus Tab. More

How do I refer a friend?

There are several ways you can refer a friend to TTag and earn Referral Bonus. More

How do I see friends I referred?

Refer tab in your dashboard shows all the friends you’ve referred and their status with ttag. More

I referred a friend, but I didn’t get my bonus yet

There are number of possible cases when you refer a friend but don’t see your referral bonus posted on your account. If your friends signed-up using your personal invitation link then you will receive your referral bonus automatically. More

Why I can’t redeem my bonus?

The bonus redemption feature is locked until your first account recharge. Once you recharge your account for the first time using a valid credit card or PayPal account, you will be able to use the bonus you’ve accumulated.

Where can I see my bonus history?

Login to your account and click the Bonus Tab. You will see your recent Bonus transactions as well as the different types of Bonuses you have collected. More

Can I earn a referral bonus faster?

Yes. We have put together a state-of-the-art automatic referral system that counts and rewards our loyal customers. Sometimes, small number of customers will try to take advantage of our referral program by making false referrals for the purpose of receiving bonus credit. Our fraud department constantly monitors, identifies, and suspends such fraudulent accounts to ensure equal and fair service to all our customers. More