How do I send text messages?

To send a text message login to your account and click sms-icon icon  next to your TTag. More

Where can I send SMS messages?

You can send a text message to over 600 mobile operators in over 150 countries. Please check the SMS Rates to see the list of supported countries, operators, and rates.

How many characters can I send in a single text message?

The maximum number of characters for a text message sent from a T-Tag is 160. On the bottom of the message composition window, you will see how many characters you have remaining as you type the message. More

What phone number will the recipient see?

You can choose one of the verified mobile phone numbers listed in “My Numbers” section.

Can I send a text message to someone not in my contact list?

Yes, you can send a text message to a mobile number not in your ttag list. Simply replace the international phone number in the “To:” field with the new number you want to contact.