Calling Belgium from Canada

Here are some tips on how to call Belgium from Canada using a variety of options:

Calling Belgium from your mobile or landline phone is the most convenient way, however can be very expensive. Make sure to check Belgium calling rates with your provider, as it can be very expensive sometimes, unless you have a special long-distance package.

  • Step 1: Exit code – 011
    Your international phone number should start with North America exit code 011.
  • Step 2: Country code
    Followed by Belgium Country code 32
  • Step 3: Area code and number
    Finally followed by area code and phone number: +32 2 xxx xx xx
  • EXAMPLE: 011 32 2 xxx xx xx
    A correctly dialed Belgium city phone number will ensure your call will end up to the correct destination.


If you are a ttag customer, you can call Belgium with the same convenience as calling from your mobile phone at cheap calling card rates. Instead of dialing long international phone number prefixed by 011, you dial a 10 digit local phone number assigned to your international phone number and avoid any international calling charges by your operator. Moreover, every new customer receives free $2.00 credit just to try ttag.  Check ttag’s cheap international calling rates now and see how ttag works below:

To get a ttag for your international phone number follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to
Step 2:
Enter the phone number you will be calling from.
Step 3:
Type in the international phone number you want to call starting 011
Step 4:
Enter the name of the contact
Step 5: Get a ttag (local phone number) and enjoy up to 80 minutes call Belgium for free.

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