I referred a friend, but I didn’t get my bonus yet

There are number of possible cases when you refer a friend but don’t see your referral bonus posted on your account. If your friends signed-up using your personal invitation link then you will receive your referral bonus automatically.

My friend’s name is not in my referral list

It’s either your friend didn’t complete registration or didn’t use your personal referral link. If your friend has registered, but you don’t see his name in your referral list, most probably your friend didn’t use your personal referral link to sign up. Have your friend to send us a message indicating you’ve referred them and we’ll add them to your list manually.

My friend’s status is “Pending”

“Pending” status means that your friend joined ttag but didn’t recharge his account yet. The status will change to referred once your received your bonus.

I see my friend’s name but I didn’t get my bonus yet

Your bonus is usually added to your account within 3-7 days after your referred friends have made their first valid credit purchase from T-Tag using credit card or PayPal. If after 7 days you don’t see it, please check if your referral falls into one of the categories below:

Referrals that don’t qualify for referral bonus:

  1. Account recharges through vouchers, discount coupons, and any other type of promotional credits purchased through third parties, are not considered to be a valid purchase and will not be accounted for Referral Bonus.
  2. In order to be considered a valid referral, your referred friends should use their own payment methods to recharge their account. If you opened an account for a friend but recharged using your own credit card or PayPal, it will not be considered a valid referral, and referral bonus will be posted to your account once your friend uses hiw own payment method.
  3. Any referral made with the intent to abuse, defraud or deceive.
  4. Referrals within the same household (e.g. husband refers wife).
Clicking social media icons will share your referral link with your friends.

Viewing status of your referrals in Refer tab.

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